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Below you will find links to all of the Fitness Forum Trainers. These links are profiles of each trainer. This can be helpful in choosing a trainer that is right for you. Just put your pointer over the picture of the trainer and click to view that trainers profile.
 Reasons to Obtain A Trainer

Fitness Forum has personal trainers to coach you and help you keep motivated

during your workout.Personal training is a great option if you’re needing accountability and an extra push.

Training is designed to slim and tone for that special event.

Will improve strength, agility, speed, and focus without a doubt.

Personal training is a guide for one to become great on their own so come on in, after all
it’s your body





Meet Rebecca Houseright

Strength Training • Training Beginners • Training Experienced Weight Trainers

“I want members to come to Fitness Forum to get fit, but also to have fun.  It is my desire to help others find the right mix of physical activity that is fun, and enables them to look and feel their best.  I believe variety is key.  If we do not vary our workouts we tend to get bored and may be tempted to quit.  Also, variety is the key to continuing to see results.  By varying your physical activity, and utilizing a variety of training principles, you will continue to challenge your body and your mind: and will continue to see results.  As your trainer, I will design specific programs built for you.  And by encouraging, motivating and giving individualized instruction, I can help you achieve your goals.”

Her Bio

Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale Illinois.  Rebecca is enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge of the benefits of exercise, being fit and living a healthy lifestyle.  She believes that being healthy at any age is attractive.  It is her desire to lead others down the road to good health and well being.  Rebecca has over thirteen years of experience as a trainer and group instructor and is very excited to have the opportunity to train members at Fitness Forum.  Here she can put her love of exercise and experience to work to help others look and feel the way they have always wanted to.  In her spare time, Rebecca enjoys activities such as running, cycling, swimming, and “attempting” to play golf and tennis.  She also enjoys decorating cakes and cookies, photography, painting, sewing and anything creative.


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waterStaying hydrated is essential for everyone, but athletes have an even greater need to maintain proper hydration.

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